• 01-The Original / Margherita

    01-The Original / Margherita
    Cheese And Tomato
  • 02-Hawaiian

    Ham And Exotic Pineapple
  • 03-Farmhouse

    Ham And Freshly Sliced Mushrooms
  • 04-Hawaiian Delight

    04-Hawaiian Delight
    Ham, Exotic Pineapple And Freshly Sliced Mushroom
  • 05-Chicago Feast

    05-Chicago Feast
    Ham, Pepperoni, Spicy Beef And Smoky Sausage
  • 06-Chicago Bear

    06-Chicago Bear
    Pepperoni, spicy beef, smokey sausage nd red onion
  • 07-Pepperoni Experience

    07-Pepperoni Experience
    Pepperoni, mushroom and onions.
  • 08-Mighty Meat

    08-Mighty Meat
    Ham, Spicy Beef, Smoky Sausage And Spicy Chicken
  • 10-Classic Chicken

    10-Classic Chicken
    Chicken, mushrooms, onions nd sweetcorn
  • 11-Cajun Chicken

    11-Cajun Chicken
    Chicken seasoned with cajun spices, mixed peppers, onions nd sweetcorn
  • 12-BBQ Chicken

    12-BBQ Chicken
    BBQ chicken, freshly sliced mushrooms, sweetcorn nd mixed peppers
  • 14-Southern Fried Chicken

    14-Southern Fried Chicken
    Tasty southern fried chicken, mixed peppers, red onions nd sweetcorn
  • 15-Vegetarian Delight

    15-Vegetarian Delight
    Freshly sliced mushrooms, green peppers, sweetcorn, onions nd fresh tomato
  • 17-Firecracker

    Mince meat, fresh tomato, green peppers, sweetcorn, onions And jalapenos
  • 18-Mexican Inferno

    18-Mexican Inferno
    Pepperoni, spicy beef, green peppers, sweetcorn nd Mexican jalapenos
  • 19-Veggie Flames

    19-Veggie Flames
    Green peppers, onions, sweetcorn, fresh tomato nd jalapeno
  • 20-Amigos Special

    20-Amigos Special
    Pepperoni, mince meat, chicken, green peppers, sweetcorn, onions nd pineapple
  • 23-Coriander Tandoori Chicken

    23-Coriander Tandoori Chicken
    Boneless Tandoori chicken, diced green peppers, red onions, fresh tomato, sweetcorn nd sprinkled with fresh coriander ... Yum Yum
  • 25-Tandoori Chilli Chicken

    25-Tandoori Chilli Chicken
    Boneless tandoori chicken, diced green peppers, red onions, fresh tomato, sweetcorn nd sprinkled with fresh green chilli herbs nd spice
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